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Orion Forge is a professional blacksmith shop located in Bend, Oregon and has been operating since 2004. The shop specializes in custom work; hand-forged, functional, and one of a kind.

My first experience working in a blacksmith shop was high in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico. It was the winter of 1995; I was living in the sticks in an off-the-grid adobe house and needed a job to support my skiing habit. I had two neighbors who offered me work - one a roofer, the other a blacksmith. It was an easy decision to pass on the steep, icy roofs and cold temps for the relative warmth and novelty of work in the forge. Thus began a journey into the art of blacksmithing that continues to this day. 

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The Work

Because I am drawn to the history of blacksmithing, I am drawn to the traditional means of joining metal. Any modern shop will have a variety of welding machines on hand to join steel together, my shop certainly does. However, I favor the older methods of joinery and consequently attempt to use rivets or mortise and tenon techniques for any prominent joints. Take a look at the furniture I build, the lack of visible welds lends the pieces a style and aesthetic that you won't find anything but finely built, custom ironwork. It takes more time, but the results are obvious to the discerning customer

custom furniture

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Many of our tables are topped with barnwood. This is genuine, re-used wood usually found here in central Oregon. We do not purchase new wood and attempt to distress it to make it look old. The character of hundred-year-old wood is impossible to mimic. While we find wood offers a warmth and glow to the tables and is the preferred material, we have also used stone, concrete, and steel. Again, because all of our furniture is one of a kind, customers are free to choose the material that works best for them.




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Somewhere along the way, I picked up two degrees in education and in addition to teaching blacksmithing have taught mountaineering, sailing, kayaking, and other outdoor skills.  These days I enjoy devoting some of my time in the shop to sharing what I know about blacksmithing. I offer a basic blacksmithing class as well as custom, one-on-one classes. Contact me to learn more!